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Empowering youth in foster care to have a brighter future.

Meet Rob Scheer

My Mission is Simple...

To ensure no child ever feels they are alone in the foster care system.

Rob entered the foster care system as a child who had lost both parents. He was brought into a house with all of his belongings in a tattered and torn trash bag. As Rob and his husband Reece went through the adoption process for each their 5 children, they arrived on their doorstep through foster care experiencing the same undignified process Rob endured forty years ago.

Floored by the fact that children still carry their lives in a bag used for trash nearly four decades since his own experience, Rob decided to devote his life to restoring dignity to those transitioning in and out of foster care with the creation of Comfort Cases.

His personal dedication and success through Comfort Cases has provided hope and self worth to thousands of children as he and his team empower the next generations transitioning within foster care. With the onset of the Pathways Program, an initiative tied to the Hope Scholarship, we strive to support foster children as they age out of the system and pursue further education, whether it’s through trade school or college.

Did you know only about 26% of youth in foster care who finish high school will attend college? Less than 3% of youth in foster care will go on to graduate from college.

The Comfort Cases community is committed to changing these statistics. Join us in our journey to empower the next generation of youth from foster care and ensure they have the tools they need to succeed!

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Empowering futures with the Pathways Program

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