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Jan. 1, 1970

Foster care comfort cases for Arkansas youth

Care Packages for Children in Foster Care

LITTLE ROCK, ARK. (KATV) — Sixty volunteers came together with Summit Community Care and Comfort Cases to generate 400 backpacks filled with essentials for foster care youth around the state.

Generating 400 backpacks filled with pajamas, socks, a blanket, stuffed animal, books, and dental and hygiene kits.

“Here in the state of Arkansas, you all have 4,600 children that are in the system,” said Rob Scheer, founder of international nonprofit Comfort Cases.

“Through our nation right now, we have a little over 400,000. We are averaging about 700 children per day that are actually coming into the system, and the sad news is we have roughly about 22-thousand children that will age out of foster care.”

According to Scheer, when a child ages out of foster care, 70% of those children will actually become homeless.

Recent data shows more than 4,000 children are in foster care in Arkansas alone, with one child every two minutes entering foster care in America.

Furthermore, Scheer says 80% of children who are human trafficked are in foster care.

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