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Jan. 1, 1970

State leaders help pack 250 backpacks to support children entering foster care

State leaders help pack 250 backpacks to support children entering foster care

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — Some of our state leaders have teamed up with nonprofits and other organizations to help children in need.

Kathleen Loughran, the Vice President of Government Relations for Wellpoint, said it starts with helping those children who are transitioning into foster care.

“Children go into foster care and historically they’re given a black trash bag. It speaks volumes to the child, they feel discarded and unwanted and without value,” Loughran said.

It’s why the Women’s Legislative Caucus joined organizations like Wellpoint and Comfort Cases to pack 250 backpacks to provide for those kids who are often in unfortunate situations.

“They all get blankets, they all get books, depending on the age, and they all get a snuggly, a stuffed animal to help give them that sense of love and warmth,” Loughran said.

Delegate Edith Patterson represents District 28 in Montgomery County, she is also the president of the Women’s Legislative Caucus.

She said this packing party aligns specifically with the values of the organization she leads and with the overall work she does in the state.

“It’s really important because it addresses not only the children who are impacted in foster care, but also the families,” Patterson said.

The bags packed will be donated to Bethany Christian Services in Anne Arundel County, and although the small items filling the bag are just a token of love, they’re hopeful it will provide more than just the physical comfort.

“The blankets bring a lot of comfort, not just from the cold, but really emotional comfort. When they snuggle up with a blanket they feel loved, they feel wanted,” Loughran said.

Bonnie Cullison is another delegate in Montgomery County, she represents District 19. She said this packing party is another way to make sure people are supporting the children of the future.

“We really support legislation that supports children in all different phases of life and this is one that’s very meaningful. These children are going to be the future. If we can take care of them now, they will take care of our communities as they grow older,” Cullison said.

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