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Meet Rob Scheer

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Growing up in an abusive household before his placement in foster care, Rob had all the odds stacked against him. Kicked out of his foster family’s home within weeks after turning eighteen—with a year left of high school to go—he had to resort to sleeping in his car and in public bathrooms. He suffered from drug addiction and battled with depression, never knowing when his next meal would be or where he would sleep at night. But by true perseverance, he was able to find his own path and achieve his wildest dreams.

Today, Rob Scheer is the founder of Comfort Cases and an outspoken advocate for youth in foster care. His interview with Upworthy went viral in February 2017 garnering more than 100 million views, and he was later featured on Ellen and The Today Show.

Every child deserves the chance for a bright future. Education is one vital way to increase opportunity. Approximately 26% of youth in foster care who finish high school will attend college. Astoundingly, less than 3% of youth in foster care will graduate from college. Comfort Cases’ community is committed to changing these statistics.

To support youth going into secondary education, we’ve launched the Pathways Program to provide resources and mentorship to students exiting the foster care system.

"I remember carrying a trash bag and feeling worthless, like nobody cared about me."

Rob Scheer

Every child deserves to know that they matter.

In 2013, Rob’s family and their community founded Comfort Cases and set out on a mission to eliminate trash bags from the foster care system. Each is packed with a cozy new pair of pajamas, a stuffed animal to hug, a toothbrush, soap, and other personal care items. The gift of these simple items tells a child, you matter.

Watch Rob & His Husband Reece on Ellen