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Jan. 1, 1970

Voices of Pride: Journeys of Courage and Inclusion

Motivational Mondays - Voices of Pride: Journeys of Courage and Inclusion

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In this special Pride Month Rewind episode of Motivational Mondays, we’ve gathered collective conversations of inspiring LGBTQIA+ voices celebrating authenticity and resilience. Each story highlights the unique journeys of individuals who have overcome challenges and embraced their true selves. Join us as we delve into these powerful narratives, offering insights and inspiration for everyone. Let’s dive into this week’s episode!


Proud, out parent Rob Scheer reflects on his journey from being a foster child to becoming a loving foster parent with adopted children, emphasizing the transformative power of love and family. Rob’s personal experience with the foster care system fueled his passion for reform and advocacy. As the founder of Comfort Cases, a nonprofit organization providing essential items to foster children, Rob works tirelessly to ensure that every child in the system feels valued and supported. His story underscores the importance of compassion and the positive impact one person can make.

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